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Book Resources
Book Zone
Book Lovers
Publishers Weekly Home Page


Online Bookstores (General) Bookstore*
Windweaver's Internet Associate Bookstore*
Barnes and Noble
Stacey's Professional Bookstore
Internet Bookshop U.K

Advanced Book Exchange (Used and Out of Print)
DealPilot Bookstore Comparison Shopping
Best Book Buys: Comparison Shopping
Bookfinder Used and Rare Books
Add-All Book Comparison Search Engine
U.K. Used Book Search

Computer and Internet-related Books
     (MacMillan's Personal Bookshelf, including Que, Sams and Hayden)
BookPool Discounted Computer Books*
Brian's Internet Books Catalog

Computer Literacy Bookstore
Internet Book Information Center
Computer Training Manuals (download)

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When other members request your books, you send them by mail. You pay for postage, but then you earn a free book credit for each book you send, and other members pay postage to send you the books which you request. That way, the books are always free, and you are giving away books you don't want and receiving books you do want.

Once you have registered (for free), simply list the ISBN number of the paperback books that you would like to send to other club members. When you have listed nine of your books, you will receive three book credits to get you started trading books with other members. The more books you post, the more likely you are to receive requests and earn book credits for free books of your choice. You can also create a wish list of the books you want, and which will be sent to you at no cost as soon as they are available, if you have the book credits. Currently, over 786,000 books are available!

Electronic Text Libraries 
University of Virginia Electronic Texts Online
Project Gutenberg Etext Index
Internet Public Library Reading Room   
Athena Internet Library
Etext Gopher at Virginia Tech  gopher://
Oxford Text Library
National Academic Press Reading Room

Project Bartleby Online Texts
English Server at Carnegie-Mellon

Flying Inkpot Book Links
Etext Links  Etext Links

see also Online Internet Books and Book Resources

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