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Internet Service Providers and Hosts

See also our new feature article:
How to Choose A Broadband Internet Service

Internet Providers Directories and Articles
 Boardwatch ISPWorld Directory
 ISP Providers: The List
 Access Providers
Cnet's Internet Providers and Services Reviews
 CNET: Broadband Providers

Budget and Free Web Space Providers
Budget Web*
Web Hosting on a Budget
Windweaver recommends:  Geocities for free personal pages.

Domain Registration
Network Solutions Registrations
BetterWhois Lookup
Domain Search

for Email resources, go to Email Communication


Windweaver's Internet Book recommendations:
 Macmillan's Safari Library (including books published by Que, Sams and Hayden)
located at Informit , is constantly offering new computer and Internet books
for free online reading. Available books are changed frequently. Please check out for current offerings.

Also you can get free computer and Internet books at this wonderful free
paperback swap site:

Smart Page Guide to Internet Books
Zen and the Art of the Internet

Netiquette (Shea)
The Virtual Community (Rheingold)
Netizens Netbook: History and Impact of the Net

The Internet Publishing Handbook
The Internet Companion
More than Screen Deep

See also  Book Resources  and  Online Electronic Libraries


Featured Community Networking Resource:
Craigslist (also known as Craig's List and Craigs List)

Craigslist includes hundreds of networking websites for communities in the U.S. and around the world. There are now over 300 craigslist sites in all 50 US states, and over 50 countries.

The Craigslist sites are loaded with classified ads and forums - they are places to to find jobs, housing, goods and services, social activities, romantic partners, advice, community information and just about everything else, all for free. The Craigslist web site says that it aims to "provide a trustworthy, efficient, relatively non-commerical place for folks to find all the basics in their local area".

Craigslist was started in 1995 by Craig Newmark of San Franscisco and by 2006 was getting FOUR BILLION page views per month. In fact, in 2006, it is the SEVENTH most popular web site on the Internet with more than 10 million users each month, more than 10 million classified ads per month, and over 500,000 job listings per month. In addition, topical forums contain over 40 million user postings. In 2004, Ebay bought a 25% stake in Craig's list.

A 2004 Boston Globe article about Craigslist said, "Craigslist has evolved into a phenomenal community resource. But it's one that worries other companies in the business of classified advertising: newspapers, magazines, and even other websites such as Craigslist brings in between $5 million and $10 million in revenue annually, even though the site doesn't sell any advertising, and charges for help-wanted ads only in three cities. (Craigslist's chief executive, Jim) Buckmaster, says the long-term goals are simple: 'We want to provide the Craigslist service wherever it is requested, wherever it is wanted, wherever it is needed.'"

Craigslist Main site    Craigslist Discussion Forums
Craigslist Boston    Craigslist New York

Web-Based Forums and Message Boards
(the largest boards - some with 500+ boards, 100,000+ messages - and
best discussions; registration and passwords may be required for access)

NY Times Forums*
All Politics   (look for bulletin board links)

Salon Table Talk
Utne Reader Cafe*
ZdNet Message Boards
Excite Talk

Talk City (Educators)
Transformations  (look for forum link)
Parent's Soup
Parent's Place

IVillage Women's Message boards
Senior Talk*
Third Age (Seniors)
QWorld (Gay/Lesbian)

Free Online Message Boards
*Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant

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