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Newbie Help and Internet Tutorials
We have been expanding this section so frequently that we have had to move
it to its own page. All our links are in the process of being updated; please
update yours! Newbie page:

Email and Communication Resources

General Email Resources
Beginner's Guide to Effective Email
Access the Internet by Email
Anonymous Remailing Index

Email Free Clients, Software and Services

Free Email Address Directory
Mail2Web Check your Email on the Web

Language and Communication
Fun Internet Acronyms
NetLingo Smiley Dictionary
Eff's Smiley Dictionary
*Windweaver's Emoticons
Sam's International PenPals

See our Annotated List of over 100 Card sites on the Net featuring
Art, Humor, Travel etc. Ecards!

123 Greetings
*Internet Card Central  (all free!)    
Bluemountain Ecards  (fee-based subscription)

Privacy, Spam etc.
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Internet Privacy for Dummies
How to Rid of Spyware (for Microsoft Windows)
Anti-Spyware Review
Anti-Spyware Software Review

Windweaver's How to Report Spammers  (more anti-spam links here)
Stop Spam FAQ
Tracking Spam
Cloudmark Anti-Spam filter (Microsoft Outlook)
How to Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, Telemarketers
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Windweaver's Email recommendations:
We LOVE Eudora Pro (and believe Eudora Lite to be the best free mail program)
and are very satisfied with's mail forwarding services.
Qualcomm's Eudora
Eudora's Technical Support Page's Mail Forwarding


Interested in emoticons and smileys for email communication, message boards and instant messaging? Tracy Marks has provided a list of dozens of clever smileys - keyboard smiley for conveying a wink, a hug, a kiss, crying, AND a wide range of other emotions on her emoticon page. This page is now shared with Smileyworld, which provides emoticon icons for your enjoyment.
SOME TYPE-ABLE SMILEYS - Kisses and Crying!
: *    kisses
:-X    a big wet kiss!
:-x    kiss kiss
:-{}    blowing a kiss
[]    hugs
(( )):**    hugs and kisses
((((name))))    hug
:-(    frowning; boo hoo
:-<    really sad
:-C    really bummed
&-|    crying, tearful
:'-(    crying and really sad
:[    really down
:-[    pouting

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