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BCK2SKOL Internet (30 Internet Lessons for educators)
Internet Tourbus

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Featured Community Web Site:

Myspace, at,one of the top ten web sites in 2006 is a free online community which enables you to connect with your friends, make new friends and meet in cyberspace the friends of your friends. At Myspace, you create your own private network where you can share photos, messages, and journals with each other. Here, single people meet other singles, families keep in touch, classmastes communicate, and business people network with co-workers, colleagues and new contacts.

To join Myspace, you sign up and create a profile in which you describe yourself, and optionally, upload pictures. Once you login to Myspace, you can you search for friends who are Myspace members, and invite them to join your personal network. Here, you can also view the connections you create between your friends and their friends, extending your network as you meet people with whom you are personally and professionally compatible.

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