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Magazines and Ezines
Magazines and Journals Online and Web-Only Magazines
ENews Magazine Rack*
Magazine Cybercenter   
Inkpot's Zine Scene  (new url)
AJR Newslinks Magazines
The Etext Ascii Zine Archive 
MediaFinder National Directory of Magazines
Book of Zines

Ecola  Newstand Magazines
BMI's Magazines on the Internet
John Labovitz's Ezine List*
10 Best on the Web: choose Magazines, E-zines


U.S. and Worldwide Newspapers Online (English versions)
Newspapers Online
News Central
The Top 100 Newspapers
AJR Newslink  Newspapers

Alpha World News Index
Ecola Newstand Newspapers
Flying Inkpot's World Newspapers
Newspaper Mania        
News  Hunt Newspaper Search

Ultimate Collection of Newslinks
News on the Net
Writenews Newslinks
New York Times

World of Newspapers on the WWW
250 Online International Newspapers
Current Periodical Reading Room

Other Recommended News Sites:
Tracy's Marks' News Links (Liberal/International slant)
Cnet's (computer news)
CNN News
HotBot's Newsbot (new address)
NewsIndex Search
Yahoo News
Yahoo Full Coverage
ZDNet News (computer news)
Newstrawler Search Engine

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