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   The Best Image Sites

     Recommended Free Clip Art, Web Graphics,
     Image and Stock Photography Web Sites

       Not just a list of links -- but the BEST!

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The Best Photo and Clip Art Sites
Note:  Windweaver's Graphics Software links are  at:

Image Search Engines
The following search engines can help you locate images and clip art on the Net, but such images may not be free. If a web site appears to offer free clip art, check out its terms of use before posting any of its images on your site. You  may be asked to credit the artist, or link back to the originating site. Note: Search engines listed in parentheses are provided for by the search engine indicated.

The Top Four
Google Image Search
Yahoo Image Search (All the Web)
PicSearch (Msn, Lycos)
Ask.Com Picture Search

Web Places Clip Art Searcher 
Alta Vista Image Search
Ditto Picture Search
WebSeek Image Search

(type in your own name!)
Image Search Engine Links

Stock Photography
Stock photography galleries cost, but because of their extensive collection (often hundreds of thousands) of photographs you are likely to find what you are seeking quickly - whereas you may spend hours in free clip art and image galleries and not find  quality images you wish to use.

However, stock photos are usually large and high resolution,  may need considerable reduction for the Web, and may have use restrictions. They may not be suitable for Web graphics unless optimized in a graphics program.

Adobe Stock Photos
*Getty Images
Getty Images Creative
Comstock Stock Photography  
Corbis Photography
*PhotoSphere Royalty Free Photos

Image Source

(less expensive)
Art Today
Havana Street Stock Clip Art

Stock Photography Reviews Stock Photo Links
Stock Photography Links

Free and Low Cost Stock Photos

Free Images U.K (free)
Photos to Go

Free Image Libraries

The free clip art provided by these image galleries and collections may be used on personal and/or business sites. Check the terms of use on each site. Surfer beware: many free clip art sites will annoy you with popup ads.

Virtual Image Archive
Image Paradise*
Web Studio Web Graphics 
Elated Button Kits
Graphx Kingdom 
Ozone Images Index 

Andy's Art Attack   
SBN Image Library  
SBN Multimedia Library
NASA's Image Database
Online Image Archive Search
OIA Mirror site

Microsoft Clip Art Gallery
Really Big! Web Images 
Clip Art Connection 
Barry's Clip Art Server

Clip Art Directory
Graphic Maps
#1 Free Clip Art's Web Clip Art*
Web Clip Art at
Web Clip Art Links
More Web Clip Art Links
Google Clip Art Directory
Free Graphics Links 

The Dingbat Pages
Wonder Icons and Dingbats

Randy's Icon Bazaar
Animation Central
Animation City

Image Libraries: Free
Backgrounds and Textures

These sites will provide both free clip art for use on your web sites, as well as custom designed backgrounds and tiles.

Julianne's Backgrounds  
Windy's Fashionable Page Designs* 
Xoom Background Textures*
Background Archives
Background City
Realms Graphics Textures
Background Links
Yahoo Background Links 
(choose backgrounds)

Digital Photography classes
with Tracy Marks, M.A.
Windweaver Training
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe
Photoshop Elements Courses,
Training, Tutoring, Consulting

New Adobe Photoshop Tips, Articles, Resources

Silhouetting in Adobe Photoshop: Softening and Blurring Edges
For Effectively Combining Layers and Images
Creating Type from Images:
Using the Type Mask Tool

Photoshop Elements Workflow Step by Step
Photoshop Elements Resource Page
Boston Photoshop CS3 training coming soon!

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