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UPDATE: Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop Elements 10 courses, training and private tutoring are available as of June 2012.

Windows, Internet and Computer Graphics (especially Photoshop and Photoshop Elements) courses are offered near Boston, Massachusetts in Arlington, Cambridge, Lexington and Newton. Most courses are held at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education,, Newton Community Education and Lexington Minuteman Community Education. Most are 6-16 hours, conducted in 2 - 5 sessions. Customized classes and workshops, private training, consulting, tutoring etc. are available for individuals, companies and organizations.

SPECIALTIES: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Powerpoint, Basic Windows Skills (for the Technophobic), Basic Internet Skills, How to Sell on Ebay, Basic HTML/Web Design. Tracy's specialties are computer graphics and Windows/Internet skills for beginning computer users.

TRACY MARKS has an M.A. in Education from Tufts University, and 39 years experience teaching in continuing education. She has also authored six books translated into nine languages. A licensed counselor with considerable patience and sensitivity to student and client needs, she speaks in non-technical language which the nontechnical person can understand. She is also an enthusiastic, highly organized and conscientious instructor who customizes each training and provides relevant handouts. Further information about her background is available here. References can also be provided.

Course titles with links have descriptions below.


Beginning Windows XP
     (Windows7 beginning 4/11)
Customizing Windows 
Basic PC Computer Skills
Beginning Adobe Photoshop
Intermediate Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop Lab (intermediate)
Special Topic Photoshop Seminars
       Silhouetting and Compositing
       Color Correction
       Creative Typography
       Layers and Layer Effects
       Previous descriptions here
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Beginning Adobe Illustrator 
Beginning PowerPoint
Intermediate PowerPoint 

* also available for Macintosh

(for both pc and mac computers)

Introduction to the Internet
Internet Research Skills
Intensive Internet (12 hours)
Mastering Internet Explorer

Fundamentals of Email communication
Mastering Email: Microsoft Outlook
Introduction to Web Page Design
      (Using HTML)
Designing Your Web Page
Basic Web Graphics without Photoshop
      (Using Free Software)
Buying and Selling on Ebay

(8 hours)
This foundation course is a prerequisite for students taking pc courses who
do not know how to effectively navigate Windows and manage programs,
files and folders. We will learn the basic skills necessary for using Windows
and Windows programs (Windows XP, Windows 7 beginning April 2010),
with special attention to understanding, opening, saving, copying, moving,
finding and managing files. We will also cover the tasks of basic computer
maintenance and the customization of Windows to meet individual needs.
(See an early edition of a basic Windows manual online - for complete syllabus).


For Powerpoint 2002, 2003, 2007 (Powerpoint 2010 offered by summer 2011)
Learn to use this premier presentation software program which is included with
Microsoft Office, and which enables you to create slideshows for computer
monitors or overhead projectors. This hands-on workshop will teach you to use
this program to assemble text, images, graphs and charts to create a representation
of your product, service or idea for training or marketing. The creation of animated
bullets and transitions will also be covered.


This workshop will introduce participants to the Internet experience - the nature of
the Internet, basic navigation to web sites, and fundamentals of email and searching
techniques. You will learn how to choose a provider, and how to use a browser, and
will discover some of the enormous resources - information, individuals, groups,
software etc. available to you. A major focus will be understanding the vocabulary
of the Internet and the tools that you need for enjoyable and effective Internet
exploration, research, and online interaction and networking.

This intensive introduction to the Internet will help online "newbies" develop
the skills necessary to comfortably navigate and search the Web. Using
search engines, and directories and libraries, you will learn how to conduct
effective searches for documents, web sites, people, groups and software.

During this workshop, you will become proficient in using the Internet Explorer
browser, sending and receiving email, and participating in newsgroups and mailing
list discussion groups. In the process, you will learn basic Internet etiquette, as well
as how to choose a service provider, and protect yourself against viruses. 


Learn to select and use directories and search engines to find Internet sites and
reference information on specific topics. Gain skills in conducting an effective
search, using Boolean terminology, locating a few relevant sites rather than
10,000 irrelevant ones. Find online libraries and databases, and determine how
to locate newsgroups, mailing list discussion groups and software programs.

You will also initiate a search project of your choice, alternating search engines,
and comparing the results. Participants will receive a complete set of bookmarks
on Internet search and reference sites.


Internet Explorer is the most popular Internet browser, designed for surfing
the Web, writing and receiving e-mail, downloading files, and participating
in newsgroups and mailing lists. In this workshop, we will focus on mastering
all the above capabilities of IE, as well as: setting preferences, getting help,
using IE's menus and tools, and creating and organizing favorites
(bookmarks). We will also discuss add-ons and upgrades available for
for such purposes as: real-audio, chat and web-page authoring.

In this workshop, we will master the art of email - writing, sending,
replying, forwarding, finding, making folders, using an address book,
creating group lists, mailing attachments, and protecting ourselves
from viruses. Students will gain experience with Microsoft Outlook,
and will also set up free web-based email accounts for personal use.
An additional focus will be understanding the norms of email
"netiquette", and learning hints for effective email communication.


In this hands-on workshop taught by an Ebay certified trainer (previously an Ebay
Ebay powerseller), we will learn how to effectively buy and sell on Ebay, the world's
largest auction and online marketplace. Buying tips will include searching and
researching items for sale and sold items, bidding, and contacting sellers. During
most of theworkshop we will focus upon selling - creating and submitting listings,
preparing photos, determining auction timing, buy-it-now sales, managing auctions,
handling payment and shipping, and dealing with nonresponsive buyers. An important
focus will be participating in the self-policing community-building feedback system
of Ebay. Selling on Amazon Marketplace will also be briefly covered.
See Tracy's Ebay Training Guide (with articles on Ebay buying and selling).


Photoshop CS4 and CS5
In this hands-on introduction to image-manipulation and editing, you will learn to
prepare, alter and improve images for desktop publishing and the Internet. The
focus will be on mastering such basic Photoshop tools as the marquee, lasso,
magic wand, crop tool, color picker, eyedropper, clone tool and type. Lessons
and practice exercises will include: selecting and changing shapes and colors,
converting and resizing images,  and working with color models. No previous
imaging experience is required.

Photoshop CS4 and CS5
Starting with a quick review of the basic tools and procedures taught in part one,
this course will concentrate on refining and combining those skills in order to
create unique and striking images for use in desktop publishing, Web sites and
art projects. Learn to use layers, masks, channels and color correction in
Photoshop to improve and combine your images. This workshop will also
include smart objects, actions and camera raw.

Elements 5.0, 7.0, 8.0 or 9.0
For beginning computer graphics students who do not wish to invest in the time
and cost of Adobe Photoshop, the low-cost version of Photoshop, Adobe
Photoshop Elements is the most viable alternative. In this workshop, we will
become familiar with Elements' tools and palettes, and learn how to recolor,
retouch, transform and resave images. Lessons will include: color correction,
transformations, making selections, painting, retouching tools, text, filters, and
optimizing images for the Web and email.


In this introduction to Web design, you will create a simple personal home
or business page using a basic no-cost text program. After discussing
Web design principles, clarifying your aim, and planning your page,
you will learn to write basic html (Internet language), including
both text and links, create tables, and prepare and use digital images.

During this workshop, you will also gain understanding of browser and color
compatibility issues, and learn how to publicize and promote your online
presence. If you have photos that you wish to use, please bring them to class.

In this workshop, you will focus not on mastering the HTML language of the
Internet, but rather upon understanding the principles of effective Web page
design, and creating simple home pages which express yourself personally,
make a contribution, and/or highlight your products or services.

You will begin by perusing and studying existing Web pages, and learning
effective Web design principles. You will then, with instructor's guidance,
create a concept and design for your own Web pages and then work
individually on your home page, using basic HTML. Please bring a Mac
or PC floppy disk, a rough draft of text and any pictures you may wish to
scan for home page use. Additional images will be provided.

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