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IMPORTANT UPDATE: This is a list of Adobe Photoshop offered several years ago. Tracy Marks is currently teaching beginning and intermediate Photoshop CS2 workshops and courses in Arlington, Cambridge, Lexington and Newton Massachusetts in the Boston area, and doing Photoshop consulting, tutoring and private training. She also teaches Photoshop Elements (versions 2, 3, and 4). A description of her beginning Photoshop workshop is here. For further information, scheduling and fees, please email her.

Windweaver Adobe Photoshop Workshops
are hands-on intermediate level Photoshop workshops on special topics being offered by Adobe Photoshop instructor and professional photographer Tracy Marks in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Workshops will meet Sundays, 1-5pm at 1 Story street, 3rd floor. Substantial discounts are available for early registration and multiple registrations. See registration form on back for pricing. For more information, contact Tracy Marks at 781-641-3371 or

Fall/winter workshops offered on the pc but relevant to Mac Photoshop users will include: Photoshop 7.0 Features (Oct.21), Selecting, Silhouetting and Compositing (Nov.18), Color Correction (Dec.2), Filters and Actions (Jan.13, 2003). Winter/spring 2003 workshops (dates to be scheduled) will include: Mastering Layers, Retouching and Restoring, Creative Typography, Web Graphics with Image Ready.


Sunday October 21, 1-5 pm

This workshop is for users of earlier versions of Adobe Photoshop or those with beginning Photoshop experience who wish to learn the new features available in Photoshop 7.0:

a) creating and editing with vector shapes;

b) utilizing the new layers capabilities - layer sets, layer styles, fill layers, and enhancements to layer effects (layer styles can be easily created, edited and saved in libraries);.

c) using presets for organizing and creative custom patterns, shapes, brushes and styles;

d) image warping with the liquefy command;

e) type warping for creating type on a path;

f) weighted optimization and slicing for compressing parts of an image at different compression levels, and for dividing images into parts for image maps and quicker Web loading.


Sunday, November 18, 1-5 pm

This Adobe Photoshop workshop will focus upon mastering selection tools and techniques, silhouetting image selections (such as profiles) apart from their background, and combining images to create effective collages or photo montages. Tools used will include the magnetic and polygonal lasso, magic wand, pen and background eraser.

We will also cover selection and compositing techniques using the extract command, select color range, quick mask, layer masks, clipping groups, and channels. In the process, we will also learn how feathering, rubber stamping and blending modes (such as hard light, darken etc) can help create seamless transitions between composited images.


Sunday, may 2, 1-5 pm

(early registration deadline November 22)

This color correction workshop will cover not only Adobe Photoshop's image adjustment menus (hue/ saturation, color balance, levels, curves etc.) but will also include color correction utilizing channels and the channel mixer. One focus will be the use of adjustment layers to improve color without altering the original layers of an image. Special topics will include: removing red eye, creating realistic flesh tones, improving grayscale images, and RGB/CMYK color mode issues. In the process, we will utilize the info palette and history palette, color mode and colorizing options.


Sunday January 13, 1-5 pm

(early registration deadline January 3)

In this workshop we will learn how to use ten of Adobe Photoshop's most helpful filters for altering and improving photos - lighting effects, noise, 3d transform, unsharp mask etc., then gain a systematic overview of the nature and uses of many other categories of filters - artistic, texture, distort etc.

We will also gain experience playing and recording actions, which like macros automate a series of commands to create simple or complex changes to images. In addition to learning how to insert stops for user input, we will batch process a series of images, enabling Photoshop to automatically transform dozens of photos to our predetermined specifications. Students will receive a disk of 100+ actions pertaining to type, texture, image effects, edges and frames.

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