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About Tracy Marks
Windweaver Training Services

Tracy Marks, M.A., author of  7 books (translated into eleven languages), and
dozens of professional manuals, has 27 years training and instructional design
experience, and a masters degree in Education from Tufts University.

Currently, she teaches Windows 2000/XP, Adobe Photoshop,  and Internet courses
(Beginning and Intermediate Web Design, Search Skills etc.) through Windweaver
in Arlington, Massachusetts, and the Cambridge Center for Adult Education,
as well as in Newton, Arlington and Lexington Community Education.
She has also taught computer and Internet workshops at the Boston Computer
Society, Operation A.B.L.E, and a variety of schools and businesses.

Tracy Marks does private Internet, Photoshop and Windows training and consulting,
as well as Web design and professional photography. Further information about
her offline and online services is available on the Windweaver Services  page
and on the courses page.

Tracy has also personally developed over 1000 educational and photographic
web pages including a k-12 teachers' resource site, guides to webcards
and webcams, and a figure skating photo gallery. She was also active leader in
the online community of Ancient Sites (which folded in April 2001) where, as
Torrey Philemon, she facilitated dozens of books discussions on mythology
and the classics.

Finally, Tracy is a licensed mental health counselor with a psychotherapy practice in
Arlington, Massachusetts - and a nature photographer. Her counseling experience,
writing and design skills, depth and thoroughness, multifaceted creativity and
intensive Internet experience contribute to her ability to offer inspiring and
substantial Windows, Photoshop and Internet courses.

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