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  Tracy Marks' counseling and psychotherapy services 

  Windweaver  Psychotherapy and
  Counseling Services   
Arlington, Mass.
                  Tracy Marks, M.A.    781-641-3371

Golden Phoenix
      In addition to being a part-time Internet and Photoshop
      trainer,  Tracy Marks, M.A.  is a licensed mental health
      counselor, and has been maintaining a private counseling/
      psychotherapy practice in Arlington, Massachusetts
      since 1983. Her seven books and numerous booklets
      on metaphysics, self-help
and transpersonal psychology
      have received international recognition;  some are
      translated into eleven languages.

"There is one relationship that will always be there for you: your relationship
to yourself." Kenneth Wydro

"Come to a limit and transcend it; come to a limit and transcend it. Our
only security is our ability to change."  Sam Keen

"To find your own way is to follow your own bliss."  Joseph Campbell

"You must change your life."  Rainer Maria Rilke

Do you want to more fully experience, accept and empower yourself? 
Do you wish to live more joyfully and creatively, increasing your
satisfaction in relationships and work? Are you struggling with pain
and grief which you need to experience and release so that you can
move forward in your life? Are you ready to commit to counseling
or psychotherapy which can help mobilize your capacity for change?

Aims and Approaches
Trained in psychosynthesis, analytic, client-centered, Gestalt and
Jungian psychotherapies, Tracy Marks uses a variety of approaches
(geared to each individual) to facilitate clients' growth processes.
She can help you to:

-- gain deeper contact with your true self - your real feeling and needs,
    and your inner guidance;

-- discover your life purpose, life passions, and meaningful sources
   of pleasure, nourishment and self-respect;

-- build your personal power - your capacity to know, and to go for,
    what you want in life;

-- heal the wounds of your past;

-- cope with loss, death and divorce, and resolve unfinished grieving;

-- separate from your parents and their reality (and live instead by your
    own values and standards);

-- increase your self-esteem and self-acceptance as you reparent your
   "inner child" and develop an internal source of nurturance;

-- resolve gender and role conflicts, determining for yourself your
    male/female identity;

-- recognize and deal with your fears of intimacy, create fulfilling
    relationships, and maintain your sense of self with others;

-- expand your ability to give and receive love;

-- awaken and unblock your creativity;

-- use your dreams for self-transformation;

-- develop and live by a viable spiritual or transformational
    philosophy of life.

Tracy Marks believes in the potential of each of us to overcome
self-defeating patterns and to create new life-affirming attitudes and
behaviors. She also knows that facing, accepting and honoring the
wounded child within us contributes to our empowerment and happiness.

Tracy has worked extensively with adult children of alcoholics, incest
and sexual abuse survivors, and gay men and women. She also does
couples therapy, and counsels creative artists. (Her work with dreams
and Jungian sandplay - play therapy for adults - helps mobilize creative,
transformational energies.)

Training and Experience
Since receiving her M.A. in Education from Tufts in 1974, Tracy Marks
has actively pursued clinical training, completing 75+ postgraduate credits
in counseling and psychotherapy at Boston University, Harvard University
and Lesley College, as well as psychosynthesis and objects-relations
psychotherapy training programs.

Since 1978, she has maintained a part-time counseling practice, and
published numerous books (e.g. Your Secret Self) and articles (e.g. 
Rediscovering your Muse: Awakening Your Creativity and Life
) on psychological and spiritual growth.

During the past ten  years, she has also helped many computer-phobic
people overcome their technological anxieties, and taught Windows,
computer graphics and Internet classes in Massachusetts. Her counseling 
ability, creativity, personal approach, enthusiasm and mastery of her
subjects help her to impart a "technological humanism" which facilitates
learning and growth of confidence.

As a self-help author, workshop leader and counselor/therapist, Tracy
Marks draws deeply from her intuition and creativity to help her clients
gain meaning, motivation and faith. But more important of all, she cares.
She supports her clients and students in their struggles, and applauds
their joys and successes.

Further Information
LOCATION: Arlington, Massachusetts
    (occasionally, telephone sessions and email dialogue are possible)
TELEPHONE: 781-641-3371  (3 - 5 p.m. and 9 - 11 p.m. are best)
FEES: Usually $90/hour. Sliding scale $80-$100.
INSURANCE: As a certified licensed mental health counselor in
    Massachusetts, Tracy Marks accepts some but not all insurances.
LISTINGS: She is featured or listed in these online directories:

  Mental Health Net: Yellow Pages
  Who's Who in Mental Health on the Web
  Cyber-Psych Therapists Online

Numerous personal growth-related articles by Tracy Marks are posted on the Net.
Links will eventually be included here. Meanwhile, you can read about her Boston  
computer training, explore Windweaver's extensive Internet and Windows
resources, sign her guestbook  and visit her WebWinds  web camera site!

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