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Hundreds of Thousands of Classics!
links compiled by Tracy Marks   

Here are some of the most substantial online libraries either specializing in free online classics translated into English, or offering an even more comprehensive collection that includes the classics. THOUSANDS OF BOOKS for your reading pleasure.


Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL)
A collection of English translations of hundreds of important Classical and Medieval literary works.

Internet Classics Archive (Tech Classics )
Several hundred translated texts from 17 different Greek and Latin authors in HTML  format. 

Diotima Anthology of Translated Materials

Electronic Resources for Classicists

Orb Library

Library of Congress Greek and Roman Classics

Perseus Texts
English translations, 3 dozens classical authors. Part of Tufts enormous
searchable database of the ancient world.

Link Pages on the Classics

Myth and Legends (Princeton)

Internet Resources for Classicists

Voice of the Shuttle Classical Resources

Classics Links at U.Michigan


Search Argos: Ancient/Medieval Search Engine


Online Text Collections
Which Include The Classics

Project Gutenberg
Books whose copyright has expired, converted into text files.

Google Online Books
The largest online collection of in-print and out of print classics of all kinds. Many are scanned copies of early editions. Continually expanding.

Electronic Text Center
Electronic Text library at the University of Virginia, most but not all accessible to the general public.

English Server
Carnegie-Mellon's online collection of 20,000 texts.

Internet Public Library Online Texts Collection
Over 7700 online titles.

Oxford Text Archive
Several thousands mostly free electronic texts in several languages.

Carrie Electronic Text Library

Athena: The Internet  Library
Links to electronic and downloadable versions of texts arranged in alphabetical order by author and title. Links to other e-text archives. 

More Link Pages to Electronic Texts
Electronic Text services

Etext Links

Electronic Journals


Other Online Text Archives ( not classical)
HTI Text Collections

Alex Electronic Texts: English Literature and Philosophy

Project Bartleby

More listings at Windweaver
Electronic Texts

This compilation of links is copyright 2002 by Tracy Marks. Any important sites not included here? Please email url to Tracy Marks . Thanks!

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