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Top Search Engines, Directories
Libraries, and Metasearch

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These Search Links are a selective collection of top Net search tools. This page focuses on
libraries and reference sites. For more search categories, go to searchpages or index. Reviews
of the  best search engine, library, and directory reviews are at searchtools. For help on how
to search, go to searchguide or searchhelper.   
Meta-Search Pages  *most recommended
These are all-in-one search resources, with hundreds of links.
Also included here, the best reference sites (great sources for finding
an online dictionary, encyclopedia etc.). See also library listings.

*Windweaver Search Links  (this page)
*Windweaver  Search Pages
*Windweaver Search Helper


Internet Sleuth Database Search
Inference Find
Search the Internet
Internet Resources (Academic, gopher) Meta-Index

*My Virtual Reference Desk Encyclopedia

Best Online Reference Sites
InfoPlease Reference Site
Encyclopedia Brittanica  

See also my Bookmarks Page,  created for  my Internet skills classes


In contrast to directories, library sites are created by librarians, most
whom adhere to scholarly standards regarding accurate, reliable content.

*World Wide Web Virtual Library
*Infomine (University of California)
* Librarian's Guide to the Internet
*Library Spot: Online Libraries

Internet Public Library
          IPL Reference Page
The Digital Librarian
O'Keefe Library Best Information
World Cat Library Catalogs

U.S. Library of Congress
U. of Waterloo  Library (Canada)
U. of Sasketchwan Databases
Find Law Law Library
'Lectric Law Library Lay Lounge

 reference page

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If for the search results you seek, two or more words must appear together on a web page, enclose them in quotes. (i.e. "Tom Cruise" "computer training" "conference calls").

In most search engines, word order matters. After you choose your search words, type the most important words first.

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