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WELCOME to Windweaver Web and Windows Training!
Windweaver offers an online guide and recommended links related to using search engines and Internet search resources, as well as Windows tips, a Windows manual, and articles on such Internet topics as email communication. Tracy Marks is a Windows, Internet and Photoshop trainer in the Boston area. She also includes here links to her diverse mythology and photography personal web site, Webwinds.



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Specializing in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Basic Computer
and Internet skills, Ebay training, Google Adsense, and Powerpoint.
Photoshop CS4 training beginning March 2009.
Boston area Internet/Windows Training and Consulting
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How to Search the Internet

Searching: Top Search Engines, Directories, Libraries

Search Guide: Hints for Effective Searching
Search Helper: Your All-in-One Search Help Page

Search Links Page All-in-One Search Links Page

Search Pages: 600+ Top Search Links!
Net Newbie, Internet, computer, software, email, people, companies,
newsgroups, forum, mailing lists, books, mags, newspapers, news

Web Design Search Pages: Top Search Resources!
400+ top links: design, style, html, graphics, images, web business

Sailing the Net: A Metaphorical Journey


Internet Bookstore

Internet Search Books

Secure orders, substantial discounts, prompt delivery via
ALSO Tracy's Ebay book auctions (username torreyphilemon)


Windweaver Web Wisdom and Internet Tips

Beyond Flaming: Email Communication, Online Conflict Resolution
Recommended Emoticons
Effective Ebay Bidding: 25 Hints for Winning at Auctions

How to Sell on Ebay: 15 Ebay Auction Tips
Choosing a Broadband Internet Service
The Online Backup Solution
Free Online Virus Scan: Instant Virus Protection


Most Recent Articles
What Should I Do About Windows Vista?

The "I Don't Want to Upgrade" PC Computer User's Guide
to Windows Vista Decisionmaking

Windows Manual (Online)
(originally created for Windows 95, somewhat updated for
Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP)

Windows Tips
Useful Windows tips - desktop, toolbar, shortcuts
My Computer, Explorer, customization, software, telnet.

Adobe Photoshop

Most Recent Articles
Create Type From Your Images
Using the Type Mask Tool in Photoshop

Effective Silhouetting in Photoshop

How to Smoothly Combine Layers and Images

Recommended Workflow in Photoshop Elements
More coming soon! Boston area Photoshop CS3 training available 2/07.

Personal Pages by Tracy Marks

Art History and Photography
Best Art and Museum Sites: Millions of Images
Artemisia      Maxfield Parrish      The Bacchante
Titian in Mythology     Botticelli Links
Tracy's Ebay Photography and Book Auctions
Boston Tall Ships Festival Photos
Sandcastle Festival Photos
NEW! Tracy's Photography Gallery at Smugmug

button Political Articles and Links
Have You Given Up On Politics?
Reflections on Lord of the Rings and American Politics
Political Bookstore
Tracy's Recommended News Links
Progressive Politics Index

Tracy's West Wing Santos-McGarry bumper stickers!


Webwinds at    
Tracy Marks' personal pages. Guides to the best live
Web Cameras and   Webcards Electronic Postcard sites

Greek and Roman Mythology Resources
from Tracy's Greek and Roman Mythology Classes
Including: Calypso's Isle    The Four Elements     Hephaestus
Rediscovering Our Muses    Princess Diana/Artemis

Also at Webwinds
Tracy's Figure Skating Photo Gallery
Ebay Book and Figure Skating Photo auctions
Queen of Sheba      Queen Christina of Sweden     
Celebrations of Women      Viktor Frankl tribute
Iroquois Spirituality      Becoming Woman: Apache Puberty
Tracy's Lair    Tracy's Nature photos


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