What Should I Do About Windows Vista?
The "I Really Don't Want to Upgrade"
Computer User's Guide to Windows Vista Decisions

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Windows Vista Decisionmaking: Introduction
Why Should I Upgrade?
Why Should I NOT Upgrade?
What are Vista's Hardware Requirements?
What Version of Vista and at What Price?
What are my Installation Choices?

What Should I Do About Windows Vista?

Windows Vista, Microsoft’s new operating system for Windows computers, is due to be released in January 2007 (and is to be shipped from Amazon.com January 30). While many people are acclaiming the virtues of Windows Vista, many are also crying “No more upgrades” and wanting to avoid the time and financial cost of upgrading to Windows Vista for as long as possible.

I am not pretending to be giving you a comprehensive guide to Windows Vista, and indeed will not discuss any of the features in detail or explain how to use them. That comes later. Right now, I am assuming that you want to understand what Vista can and cannot do for you, and to decide when, why and how you will upgrade and at what cost.

And yes, eventually you will probably have to upgrade, unless you switch to becoming a Mac user (I know, it’s tempting, but you’d never admit it to your Mac friends), but you could get by waiting three or more years if you are not a high-end computer user or not planning on buying a new computer during that time.

What you may want to do now is to understand a little about Windows Vista, whether it will provide capabilities that are important to you, what it will cost you in time, money, equipment and your current work and software habits, and whether you will benefit more by upgrading soon, waiting a year, or putting off the upgrade as long as possible……

An important suggestion for both upgrade lovers and haters:
Unless you are buying a new pc in January or February, or like to be the first person to hang off a newly discovered cliff on a treacherous mountain so you can tell the world about your nefarious exploits, or whether you get promoted in your job depends upon you being on the cutting edge of new developments in technology, do not upgrade the first few months that Windows Vista is on the market.

Wait till many reports are posted from Vista users, and Microsoft has prepared and made available its first update to correct the bugs that inevitably will occur in the first release. While waiting, take the time to assess the features of Vista that are most essential to you, and the hardware and software you have and use.

And most important of all, check out Microsoft’s Windows Vista Get Ready  Page and use the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor

According to Microsoft: "The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor RC will help you determine if your current PC is ready for an upgrade to Windows Vista. It will also help you to choose the edition of Windows Vista that's right for you. Download the Upgrade Advisor RC and run an analysis of your current PC and use the detailed feedback to ensure that your PC is ready for the edition of Windows Vista that you want."

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