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Are you looking for the top Web sites in a particular category? Yahoo is the
premier subject directory on the Web, easy to navigate and comprehensive
in its listings and additional features. Unfortunately, however, Yahoo has
buried its link to its directory so that it has is difficult to find; it can most easily
be located by clicking MORE YAHOOS  in  left column on the main  Yahoo
page, and choosing Directory.

Most useful for browsing, general searching and locating popular sites, rather
than for specific or academic searching, the Yahoo directory presents nearly
two dozen broad categories
(such as computers/ internet, news and media, 
regional, society and culture),
  which link to a large number of subcategories 
arranged in
hierarchical order.

Although Yahoo includes an enormous number of web sites, it is not ideal for
all Internet searching. It does not search the full text of each page, and it
frequently lists duplicates. Yahoo also accepts most  pages submitted to it (or
located by it), and does not rate sites - although it does indicate ones which
it most recommends.

Yahoo's corporate disclaimer reads: "Other than determining categorization
of subject matter at time of listing, Yahoo makes no attempt to review the
content of sites listed in the directory, and so Yahoo isn't responsible for the
accuracy, copyright compliance, legality or decency of material contained in
sites listed in the Yahoo directory."

Yahoo: Advanced Searching
But despite its limitations, Yahoo's category index, search options and dozens
of additional features still merit a high rating.

If you prefer to search for a specific topic rather than browse through subjects,
or search within a particular category, you will have better results if you use
Yahoo's  Advanced Search Options page, rather than its home page search 
engine. Here,  you can specify whether to search words or a phrase (two or
more words grouped together), indicate the file format you are seeking,
choose to filter out adult sites, and search international pages written in other
languages besides English.

For best results when searching with Yahoo, type a + immediately  before
a word  which must appear, a - (minus) before a word that must NOT  appear.
 and quotation marks around a phrase. For example, if you  were searching
 for Ganges river you'd type: +"Ganges river" in order to indicate that both 
of these words must appear on a page, and must appear together.

Recently, Yahoo also added the OR (in capital letter only!) feature to its search,
which means you can, for example type Native Americans OR American
s to access sites which use either term. Be careful however in regard to
using OR with a  string of words which may create some confusion. For example,
if you type Native Americans OR American Indians AND powwows, you
probably don't mean either Native Americans OR American Indian and
? But in this case, you will access site referring  to American Indians,
whether or not related in any way to powwows.

You can also choose to view new listings, or listings added after a particular
date, and you can search within titles (use t:yourtitle) or within urls (use u:url).

Although Yahoo's results listings are brief, they do show your keywords
within context, and can be bookmarked, so that you can return to them in
the future. 

You can also access most of Yahoo's additional search capabilities with
the main search screen. Type map before your keywords, or weather,
or define, or news, or any 5-digit zip code, and yahoo will conduct the
appropriate search for a map, weather report, dictionary definition, news
item or yellow pages listing.

You can also search within a particular site, search for links to a
a particular url and more. See the Yahoo's advanced search help pages
for information on conducting more specific searches.

Finally, if you have a personal or business web site, you can submit your
site address (url) to Yahoo on Yahoo's web site submission page. Submitting
a personal web site is free, but you are not guaranteed inclusion in Yahoo's
directory. Business listings and guaranteed inclusions cost.

Yahoo: Additional Features
Of all the online directories, Yahoo provides the largest number of additional
resources, all easily accessible from the main Yahoo page. Especially recommended 
are the customizable My Yahoo,  for your own personalized source of News and 
Internet Links, Yahooligans (Yahoo for Kids), YahooMail for your free email
account, and Get Local, which lists regional links.

The More Yahoo Tools page lists additional yahoo search features and tools,
including travel search, yahoo alerts and the useful Yahoo toolbar.

Also available are complete Yahoos for five countries (Canada, United Kingdom,
France, Germany, Japan) as well as complete guides for seven U.S. cities (New
York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Austin).

Other useful Yahoo features include:
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People Search                                   

Yahoo Image Search
Yellow Pages                                         
Yahooligans for Children          
World Yahoos  - Click link at bottom of
Get Local (U.S)    
News Page                                 

Stock Quotes (portfolio tracking)
Yahoo Free Email
Yahoo TV                                               
My Yahoo (personalized)                   
Yahoo Maps                 
Yahoo Chat                                      
Yahoo Small Business   

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