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Directories continued                             
Lycos Pointcom
Top 5% (new address)

UPDATE: The above directory no longer exists. Instead, we recommend
the marvelous select LookSmart directory:


Netguide Live         
NetGuide Best of the Web 
Net Guide Live Search Page

The Best of the Web reviews, developed by Netguide Live, cover even more
sites than Pointcom - over 50,000!  Here, you can search by keyword or select
from the twelve general subject categories and dozens of subcategories. Topics
include most areas of the Web, including Arts and Culture, Living, Science and
Technology, Religion and Philosophy, Social Sciences, and Sports.

The sites reviewed at Netguide Live are evaluated according to content, design
and personality, and rated on a five star system. When you view a list of sites,
you may immediately click a link to visit the site, or may choose first to read the
review or to click Site Details and view the scorecard. The ratings feature a
bonus that few evaluation sites offer - parental control warnings, as well as fee
and registration information.

NetGuide's Best of the Web also has a search engine, geared to queries of one
or two words. You may, however, use quotation marks to indicate a phrase.

From the NetGuide site, you also have easy access to numerous guides to
different Interent topics, including daily online events.

NOTE: Directories for people, businesses, software, newsgroups and mailing lists
are available on our SEARCH PAGES.  And over 75 books - mostly discounted -
on Internet searching and search resources are available at our Internet Search
Resource BOOKSTORE, with secure, online, prompt ordering via


DIRECTORIES: Honorable Mention (recommended, not reviewed)

Galaxy Professional Directory                
Galaxy Adv. Search

Lycos A2Z Internet directory                 

Go/Infoseek Directory                                                                                 

Excite Channels                               

Open Directory                                          

Snap Directory                                       

Nerd World Subject Index           

Jump City  (+ newsgroups)

Web Scout Best Links     

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