What Should I Do About Windows Vista?
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Computer User's Guide to Windows Vista Decisions

What Versions of Windows Vista
and at What Price?
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Windows Vista Decisionmaking: Introduction
Why Should I Upgrade to Windows Vista?
Why Should I NOT Upgrade?
What are Vista's Hardware Requirements?
What Version of Vista and at What Price?
What are my Installation Choices?

What Version of Windows Vista
Should I Buy and at What Price?
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Windows Vista Home Premium is analogous to the Windows XP Media Center, Windows Vista Business, to XP Professional. Vista Ultimate combines the features of both, with additional options. The N Versions, like Home Premium N, meet the anti-monopoly standards of the European Union, will be sold primarily outside the U.S., and lack many of the media components of Windows Vista.

Vista Home Premium has a lot of media center and mobility features. Its cost at Amazon.com will be $239 for the full version, or $159 for the upgrade from Windows 2000 or XP. This version does not have some of the backup and reliability features of the business version (it lacks for example the ability to do system image backup and recovery, and does not have high-end file encrypting, offline file and folder support, or windows fax and scan). It does however have parental controls, a full media center, a dvd burner and movie maker.
Vista Business does not have parental controls, or a full media center with a dvd burner and movie maker. But it does have system image backup and recovery, high end fie encryption, additional windows server capabilities, windows fax and scan. The cost is $299 for the full version, and $199 for the upgrade from Windows XP.

Windows Vista Ultimate has all of the above and more, as well as additional dvd features and the ability to make podcasts,  tweak game performance,  and download free media. It also entitles the user to better and more expansive (hopefully not expensive) customer service from Microsoft. It is likely to be of particular interest to highend pc users who thrive on games and multimedia. The cost at Amazon.com is $399 for the full version or $259 for the upgrade.

Links to Pre-ordering or Purchasing Windows Vista
(valid November 19, 2006)
Windows Vista Home Premium 
Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade 
Windows Vista Business
Windows Vista Business Upgrade
Windows Vista Ultimate
Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade

Once you own Vista, you can use its Anytime Upgrade feature to purchase an upgrade to a higher version.

 Prices are of course subject to change, and you may of course incur additional costs for tax, shipping and any necessary hardware upgrades or technical help.

If you purchase a new pc computer with Windows XP  between October 26, 2006 and March 31, 2007, you will qualify for a free Windows Vista upgrade coupon, which will entitle you to a free licensed copy of Windows Vista. Versions may vary however, depending upon your dealer, and the Windows Vista versions you purchase with the upgrade coupon – or at any upgrade price – require a clean install.

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