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Increase your Microsoft Windows enjoyment, skill and productivity with our tips!

Replace Notepad with Notespad for
for more effective text and html editing

Notespad is an extremely useful free alternative to Notepad, available
in both 16-bit and 32-bit (Windows) versions, with 8 notebook-style
tabs for holding 8 text (or html) documents simultaneously. Not only
can you replace Notepad with Notespad by for writing and editing text
files, you can also use it for web design as your html editor.

Notespad has many useful features including:

a) an easy-to-use interface, enabling you to open and use up to eight
files open simultaneously, easily switching between them using tabs;

b) ability to open text documents up to 16MB in size;

c) a quick menu for access to your most frequently used files;

d) search and replace, for finding and replacing words (and links)
in text or html files;

e) update, for quickly reloading the current version of a file;

f) save and backup, which enables you to save the old version of the
file along with the new version.

Other features include paper (8 1/2 x11) wrap, sorting, go to, font and
font size choices, and a remove CRLF function for removing line feed
and carriage returns so that you can save system files as plain text.

1) Download from
(2) Unzip it.
3) Move it to your programs directory.
4) Right click on notespad.exe and choose create shortcut.
5) Drag the shortcut to your desktop. If you wish, rename it Notespad.
(See Lesson four of our Windows manual for information on
creating and organizing shortcuts)

1. In MY COMPUTER, choose tools, folder options,then file types.
2. On the file types page, scroll down the list to locate .txt files.
Select it. It is probably associated with Windows Notepad.
3. Click on the CHANGE button.
4. Select your new Notespad program from the list of programs.
5. Click o.k to choose Notespad as your default text editor.
6. Click close to close the dialog box.
Finis! Congratulations! You will really enjoy using Notespad...

Special thanks to Don Z'Boray of Bremer Corporation for
making Notespad available (and for the Net resources he
provides at NewbieNET).

NOTE : Notespad does not work well on Microsoft Windows 2000
computers. An alternative is the free editor Notetab, which is quite
similar to Notespad.

Replace your STARTUP and SHUTDOWN
screen images (bitmaps).

Do you dislike the Windows startup and shutdown screens, and wish
to replace them with your own images? Here's how:

1. On your c:\ drive (root directory), you will find the following files:
    LOGO.SYS   startup screen                LOGOS.SYS  shutdown screen
    LOGOW.SYS   "wait to shutdown" screen

2. COPY these files to a floppy disk before attempting to alter them. You
     may want to replace them if you decide or need to use them again.

3. Despite the .sys extensions, these files are standard bitmaps (.bmp files)
    Once you've copied them, change the extension on one of your copies
    to .bmp and view it in Ms.Paint  Check the IMAGE,  ATTRIBUTES
    menu and note that it is 320 pixels (pels) wide and 400 pixels high.

4. Before you replace any of these images, you need to find or create,
    or crop a bitmap image to 320 x 400. Choose your image, and set the
    size in  IMAGE, ATTRIBUTES in Ms.Paint.

5. Save your new image to your floppy disk, naming it after the logo file
    you intend to replace (using the .sys extension).

6. Now, on the c:\ drive, change the extension of the original logo file
   (the one you are replacing) to .bmp. This way, you'll have two originals
   in case of trouble  -one on your c:\ drive and one on your floppy disk.

7. Now, move your new logo file into your root c:\ directory. The next
    time you start up or shut down, you'll see your new screen.

8. If you don't like your new image, move it out of your root directory
    and replace it with one of your original files (with the .sys extension).
    Be sure  to do this before you exit and re-enter Windows

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