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                SEARCHING THE NET 
   An Online Course in Internet Search Skills 
   (also offered in Cambridge, Massachusetts) 

         WHAT      search tools should you use for different kinds of searching?
         WHERE    do you find the best search tools for your purposes?
         HOW        do you use search tools and engines to find what you seek
                          (rather than retrieve too few, too many, or irrelevant results)?

NOTE: Due to prior commitments and a desire to further develop
Windweaver and Webwinds, this search course is indefinitely
postponed. If you wish to be notified when it will be offered, please
contact Tracy Marks   .  

Meanwhile, she has expanded her teaching of in-person courses -
search skills, Web design, basic Internet, Adobe Photoshop, Corel
Draw, Windows - at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education,
and continues to conduct trainings and consult to individuals and
companies throughout New England. Online tutoring via email,
webchat or IRC is also possible.

Searching the Net
will be a 12-lesson online course taught by email, and by search skill lesson
pages, message boards and discussion areas at Windweaver. Each lesson
will involve approximately two hours of optional assignments. Students will
work primarily on their own search interests, but will also develop their
search skills by completing several specific assignments, individually and
in subgroups created according to personal searching preferences.

When you register, you may choose to indicate your particular search skills,
background, level and interests, and to be divided into optional groups of four
or five students according to your choices. If you wish, you may communicate
and cooperate with other members of your group on class assignments and
projects. You also may choose to complete the course entirely on your own.

The primary modules for Searching the Net are as follows:

A.   Basic Search Concepts, Strategy and Planning
B.   Directories: Yahoo and Magellan
C.   Other Directories (Galaxy, Infoseek etc.)

D.   Fundamentals of Boolean Searching (OpenText)
E.   Search Engines: AltaVista and UltraSeek
F.   Other Search Engines (Webcrawler, Excite etc.)
G.   Meta- and Multi-Search Engines
      (Savvy Search, Metacrawler etc.)

H.   Public Libraries and Databases
I.    University Libraries and Databases
J.    Reference Tools; Fee-based Services
K.   Using Gopher, Archie and Veronica

L.   People Search
M.  Business and Domain Search
N.   Finding Mailing Lists and Mailing List Information
O.   Finding Newsgroups and Newsgroup FAQs
P.    Searching Newsgroup and Mailing List Archives

Q.   Software Search
R.   Image Search
S.   Specialized Searches; Special Topics

In addition to the above kinds of searches, you may throughout this course
apply the techniques that you learn to subjects of particular interest to you.

Additional Information
To facilitate interactions and questions/answers, message boards will be
set up for class members, and a listserv may also be created. At least once
during the term, the class will meet online via a chat room or IRC.

You will also receive ten files of Netscape bookmarks (useable also as html
files in any browser) with over a thousand of the best search-oriented urls in
over 30 different categories. These bookmarks are being continually updated,
and are the result of hundreds of hours of research (oriented toward compiling
all of the best search tools and resources on the Internet).

Registration and Fee Information
To be determined when this course is rescheduled.
Students may register by sending a check or money order in U.S. funds to
Tracy Marks at: 
Tracy Marks, Windweaver Training Services,
95 Bow street, Arlington, Massachusetts 02174 U.S.A.

This course has been postponed; the new starting date has not been
determined. The first two lessons are free, and will be posted at Windweaver
a month before the next session begins.

If you have any questions, or wish to be contacted when the date has been
set and to receive a registration form by email, please contact  
Tracy Marks   Tracy Marks.

NOTE: Since Windweaver opened in February, we have not yet created forms
and autoresponders to facilitate registration. These tools will soon be available!

Meanwhile, we recommend that you Sail the Net to experience a metaphorical
online journey and an introduction to the principles influencing this course.

Tracy Marks, M.A., is author of seven books and numerous manuals translated
into eleven languages, and has 24 years adult education training experience,
as well as graduate training in adult education and instructional design.

Currently, she teaches Windows, Wordperfect, PowerPoint, Corel Draw,
Photoshop and numerous Internet courses (including Internet Search Skills
and Web design) through Windweaver in Arlington, Massachusetts, and the
Cambridge Center for Adult Education. She has also taught computer and
Internet workshops at the Boston Computer Society and Operation A.B.L.E.

Tracy Marks does private Internet and Windows training, consulting and
research, as well as Web design. Further information about her offline and
online services is available on our Windweaver Services  and  Boston pages.

She also has devoted her Webwinds personal pages in Geocities Tropic Shores,
at to a tour of scenic live worldwide Web
cameras on the Net, and will further expand these pages in the future to
include her award-winning landscape photography.

Finally, Tracy is a licensed mental health counselor with a psychotherapy
practice in Arlington, Massachusetts. Her counseling experience, writing
skills, depth and thoroughness of approach, multifaceted creativity and
intensive Internet experience contribute to her ability to offer inspiring
and substantial Internet courses.

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