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Windows Manual
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D. The Start Menu

At the bottom left of your TASKBAR and at the bottom of your screen
is your START MENU. By clicking on it and holding, you can choose
programs, documents, settings, find, help, run or shutdown, as well as
any icons that you place atop START.

You can also open the START MENU by holding down the control key,
then pressing escape. By holding down your cursor on programs, you can
view the programs initially installed on your computer. Holding down your
cursor on one of those program names will open the program.

Holding your cursor on documents will reveal the last ten Windows 95
(not 16-bit Windows 3.1) documents which you opened. By holding your
cursor on a document name, you can open it, provided that it is still
at same location on your computer.

Taskbar and Start Menu

SETTINGS gives you access to the Control Panel, where you
can reconfigure your computer and its hardware, as well as alter
settings for the software which enables your computer to operate.
You also have access to your PRINTERS folder here, as well
as options for your taskbar and programs menu.

In FIND, you can search for programs, files and folders.

HELP provides you with a variety of means for getting help with
Windows and its accessories.

Using RUN, you can RUN a program from your hard drive or
a floppy disk.

Using SHUT DOWN, you have several options for shutting down
and restarting your computer.

You should always use shutdown when exiting Windows. Simply turning
off your computer without shutting down properly can damage your programs.

In SHUT DOWN, you can choose restart in Ms-Dos mode to restart your
computer in MsDos 7.0 - Windows's Ms-Dos. Choose RESTART to
reboot, or to use an earlier Ms-Dos or Windows 3.1.

NOTE: In the event of a crash (often a frozen computer screen and mouse),
you may not be able to access SHUT DOWN. Instead, press and hold the
control, alt then delete keys, and choose end task to shut down the offending
program or shut down to exit Windows altogether. If this doesn't work,
press the reset or reboot button (not the power button) on your computer.

CAREFULLY - While holding down control and then alt, press the delete
key and read the message on screen. Follow the instructions to return to

If you reboot, your program will probably re-enter Windows.
Another option is to enter Windows in the SAFE MODE; you may
want to do so if you have installed a program that is crashing your
computer and wish to remove it or to troubleshoot the problem.

From the START button, choose settings, control panel, date and time.
On the date and time screen, change date and time. Be sure to note A.M.
then P.M. Choose apply, then o.k.. (Once you install the clock on your
taskbar, you can double click the time to reach these screens).

On the time zone screen, change the time zone if necessary. Indicate also
if you want automatic time changes to occur when daylight savings time
changes in your locality. Then close Control Panel by clicking on the
X control at the top right of its screen.

NOTE: If your date and/or time are inaccurate, your computer may
need a new battery.

1. Choose Programs, Wordpad to open Wordpad. Then close it.
2. Choose Settings, then open Control Panel. Double click Date and
to open it.
3. Select the tab for TIME ZONE SETTINGS, then click cancel to
    close Date and Time.
4. Instead of closing Control Panel, minimize it by clicking the -
    control at top right.
5. Choose run, and type calc to open calculator, then close it.
6.   Then choose RUN, type MsPaint to open MsPaint, then close it.
7. Choose run, and type sol to open Solitaire, but instead of closing
    it, minimize it. Solitaire and Control Panel are now both minimized.
8. Only with the class and your instructor's clear instruction, use
    SHUTDOWN to reboot and restart.

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