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Windows Manual
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LESSON FOUR: SHORTCUTS  Customizing Your Desktop Icons   continued

B. Shortcut Icon Hints

If you want to create a number of shortcuts and you don't want your desktop
to be cluttered, create several folders in which to place shortcuts related in
meaning or function. Simply right click your desktop, choose new, then
folder. Drag shortcuts to the folder and drop them on it.

NOTE: If you store the original folder of frequently use programs and files
elsewhere on our computer rather than on your Desktop, you can create
a shortcut icon to it, and as a result choose any icon you want for your
desktop folder rather than use the standard folder icon.

You can save yourself considerable time and effort by creating shortcuts
on your desktop for your most frequently used programs, folders, and
files. Those shortcuts which you wish to access immediately when your
desktop is not visible can be placed at the very top of your START MENU
(lesson 4e, f) if you wish to keep your desktop from becoming cluttered.
However, you may want to create the following desktop icons:

Drive C........................type c:\

Other Hard Drive.......type d:\ or e:\   (use letter of drive)

Cd-Rom drive.............type d:\ or e:\   (use letter of drive)

Floppy Disk Drive......type a:\ (or b:\ for a b floppy drive)

Explorer......................type c:\windows (or win95) \explorer.exe

Your Printer................Open My Computer, click Printers, select your printer's
......................................icon, and right click to create shortcut.

Your Word processor..........right click icon or file; choose create shortcut

Your Schedule Manager......right click icon or file; choose create shortcut

Your Email program...right click icon or file; choose create shortcut

Your Web browser....right click icon or file; choose create shortcut

A Utilities folder for storing shortcuts to frequently used utilities, e.g. backup,
antivirus...create folder of shortcuts; right click to create shortcut to it

A Priority or Current folder (for storing frequently used shortcuts, files,
and programs)....create folder of shortcuts; right click to create shortcut to it

When you create a shortcut icon, Windows prefaces its name with
Shortcut To. (After you have created five or six in a row and changed
them all, Windows learns from your actions and stop creating this
unnecessary preface). Since the arrow on the icon indicates that it's
a shortcut, you don't need these additional words; you may want to
delete them.

If you click a shortcut icon after moving the location of the original file
or program, Windows may not know where to locate it. Usually, if
its search is unsuccessful, you will be promoted to click the browse
button and select the file in its new location.

1. Rename each of your new shortcut icons, ridding of shortcut to.
2. Create a folder named Priority on your desktop.
3. Drag the Computer Maintenance shortcut icon and Windows Notes original icon
    into the Priority folder. Leave the WindowsNotes shortcut icon on the desktop.
4. Move your Priority folder to your floppy drive a.
5. On your desktop, create the folder Games. Drag the MsHearts shortcut
    into it.
6. Click to open WindowsNotes using its shortcut icon. When Windows does not find
    the file, choose browse and locate it.

1. Create another shortcut to Drive a.
2. Move it into the Send to folder in the Windows directory. Drive a will not be
    listed in Send to.
3. Send your Winfows shortcut file on your desktop to your floppy disk, using
    Send to. (NOTE: Send to COPIES rather than MOVES when you send to
    a different drive.)

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