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Windows Manual

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I. Using Help

Usually, to access help with Windows, you click the START menu, then
HELP. The HELP Topics screen is divided into Contents, Index and Find.

In CONTENTS, click a topic or its icon, and if necessary, choose subtopics
until you see the topic you want. Then click the display button. CONTENTS
begins with a brief tour of Windows. The How to, Tips and Tricks, and
Troubleshooting topics all address a variety of help issues.

In HELP, as you access subtopics, secondary windows open. When you close
them, you close HELP. When you click cancel on the main HELP window,
you also close HELP.

Clicking on the green "hypertext" (jump text) will open up windows which
give you definitions or additional information related to the linked topic.
Choosing help topics takes you back to the HELP menu. The back menu
returns you to your previous HELP screen. To close a HELP window, click
on a cancel button or the x button at top right.

If you wish to print a topic, click the print button in the primary HELP
window. In a secondary window, choose options, print topic.

In HELP'S index, click in the white text area, and begin typing the words you
seek. When the topic you desire is revealed, double click it or select it, then
click display. Occasionally, you have to repeat this process for subtopics.

HELP'S FIND FEATURE: More options are available in Help's find feature,
but Windows must take a few minutes to create a Help database the first
time you use it. In find, you type a work you seek, choose a topic from the
list that Windows provides, then click the display button. Here too, typing
the first
letter of the word will take you to words beginning with that letter.

Windows Help

CONTEXT-SENSITIVE HELP: (not in the HELP menu)  In some
Windows programs, you can click on the ? on the title bar or menu bar,
then point your cursor to an element on screen for which you seek help.
A help screen on the topic in question is then provided.

1. In CONTENTS, HOW TO: Open and read Run Programs, and
    Starting a Program.
2. In HELP TOPICS, choose Tips and Tricks. View and read:
    Setting up the Desktop Efficiently: Minimize All Open Windows
    Running Programs: Using the Run Command
    Tips of the Day: Getting your Work Done, Using Help
3. Choose the Help INDEX, look up and read two of the following:
    Start Menu: How Programs Get Added
    Starting: Windows in the Safe Mode Desktop
    Arranging: Open windows.

NEXT:  LESSON TWO, Managing Files in Windows:
My Computer, Explorer


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