Yet because the Net is so vast....
     and we experience the awe of explorers discovering new terrain,

    Ancient map
     and because passive surfing is tempting and pleasurable... 

  We may easily lose our center of gravity.....

Weather map

   and nearly drown
   in the waves,
   and be swept away
   by the winds rather
   than sail our ships
   through them.       


Yes, surfing or browsing

can not only be very satisfying, it can also result in discovering the gems,
the pearls of the cybersea, and new sources of satisfaction, and new and
viable directions of learning or productivity.

But a down side of the information glut, in addition to mental and emotional
overload, and the time required to sift through all the data, is that we become
less capable of holding the reins of our lives or the rudders of our ships,
and feel more at the mercy of wind and waves.                           continue


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