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Turn Your Photo Into Type
Use Type Mask to Make Image Type
In Adobe Photoshop

copyright 2007 by Tracy Marks

(prepared for Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows
but valid for most other recent versions of Photoshop)

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7. If you wish to edit your type, do so now. Drag over it and change the font and/or font size.

8. Switch to the move tool, and drag from the very bottom edge of the type to position your type in middle of your screen, If you get an error message, the point of your cursor is inside or outside the type, and not on the edge. Try again!

9. You will now resize your type by stretching it across your image. Choose select, transform selection.

10. Pull the sizing squares along the horizontal and vertical sides of the image to stretch the type over your image. In your final type mask, only the facets of the image which show through the type will be visible. Therefore, as you stretch the image, consider what parts of the image you most want to make visible. In this Botticelli image, you may want to make sure that the eyes of several of the main figures will be revealed through the type.

11. Press ENTER to apply your transformation.


1. We now want to fill the background with a solid color. (Alternately, you could delete the areas of the background that aren't in the type, but we're trying a different effect here). Select your color. You may want to use black or select another color, such as a color in the image or the color of the printed page or web page upon which you will be displaying your photo.

We did not use black for this image because the black in the image blended too easily into the background when black was used as a background color. We used the eyedropper to select a golden brown in a maiden's hair, used that as our background or canvas color.

2. Since your type is currently selected, choose select, inverse to reverse your selection and select your background.

3. Fill your background with your chosen color. You can use edit, fill or the paintbucket, or the keystrokes alt delete to fill with the foreground color, or control, delete to fill with the background color.

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