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Effective Silhouetting in Adobe Photoshop 
Softening and Blurring Selection Edges 
When Combining Layers and Images

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 Creating a border

  1. In order to blend edges so your selection appears to belong on its new background, you will have to flatten layers or at least merge two layers together. If you wish to preserve your two separate layers for future use:
    1. duplicate each layer by dragging it to the new layer button. You will now have a layer 1 copy and background layer copy.
    2. Then drag layers so your layer 1 copy is atop your background copy, and you have a two-layer duplicate of your original two layers.
    3. turn the eye off your original two layers
  2. On your layer 1 copy with the duplicate of your source object, control click the thumbnail to reselect your object.

silhouetting in photoshop

  1. Use the side arrow on the layers palette, and choose merge layers. Your top layer will now merge into the layer below it. You now have a flattened copy of your image on your top layer, with your source object selected.
  2.  Zoom into the edge of your object.
  3. Choose select, modify, border and create a border which encompasses the edge of the selection and its background. For a low resolution image, try a border of 2. For a higher resolution image, try 4. (An even number border makes more sense, as it can grab equally from the selection and outlying area).


photoshop silhouetting

Blurring the border

  1. Go to filter, blur, gaussian blur and blur the border. Try the same number you  choose  for the border size.
  2. Use control h to hide the edges.
  3. View your image as actual pixels (as you would see it on screen) or print size, if you intend to print it (use view menu).
  4. If your border is too blurry, undo one step, and blur again with a smaller size blur.
  5. SAVE your image.

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